A proof of concept, or POC, is a great starting point for beginning your web project journey. It allows you to test the waters and examine different concepts before making a significant investment in time and money.

Starting Point

A proof of concept is typically a scaled-down version of your website or application. It allows you to focus on the targeted functionality rather than the design or cosmetics of the site. By creating a POC, you are more likely to ensure a return on your investment.

An example

Take, for example, if your objective is to create a website where users have the ability to upload photos, you might start with a POC focus on the main uploading component of the site. Images would get uploaded to a hosting service like GitHub Pages or Amazon S3. You could then use this POC to determine if there is merit to the idea.

Crafting a proof of concept can also help you identify potential issues and relatable solutions. For example, if you’re unable to upload photos correctly, you can use the POC to troubleshoot and narrow the issue.


The best part about creating a POC is that there is a low-cost variable in testing your ideas. If the POC is successful, you can proceed to create a final website or application. If you determine it’s not, you haven’t wasted any time or money on a project that wasn’t worth pursuing.